“Lisa’s critiques have pushed me to become a better writer. Her thorough understanding of all the levels at which a story operates–from macro issues like point of view, story arc, and character development, to micro issues like diction, sentence structure, and rhythm–ensures her feedback is always thoughtful and holistic, with many practical suggestions on how to bring a work to its fullest realization. Moreover, Lisa’s editorial sensibility doesn’t settle for mere competency or technical proficiency: she’s just as invested as the writer in making a work sing, and come to life off the page.”

-Vincente R. Viray, short fiction and novel writer

“Lisa’s editorial viewpoint opened my eyes to another dimension of what my writing was wanting me to know. She brought to my attention, connections that only an expert writer could see. Collaborating and discussing my larger work with her helped me to connect with the true story that wanted to be told. There was the story that came through the channel of my mind and there was a story I overlooked, that emanated from a stream of awareness not easily accessible to me when I wrote from in mind. Lisa’s ability to connect the dots opened me to listen to my own story in a way that has brought me closer to my goal. Her intelligence, experience, wisdom and understanding have been essential to my process.”

– Cheryl D. August, memoir writer

“I’ve really appreciated Lisa’s feedback on my writing, both in her written comments on manuscripts and during our discussions. Lisa is a discerning and thoughtful reader who devotes much time and care to her feedback. She approaches other peoples’ writing with an open mind, yet also is unafraid to share her personal responses and opinions. I also appreciate her ability to provide a full critique – touching on areas for improvement as well strengths of a piece – in a clear way, but without harshness.”

-Donna Rabin, short fiction writer

“High quality writer. Articles were exactly what we are looking for and were delivered earlier than expected. We recommend this writer.”

-Axima International