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In brief, I spend half my time trying to learn the secrets of other writers — to apply them to the expression of my own thoughts.

– Shirley Ann Grau

Our USF MFA alumni event was a great success and a thoroughly entertaining evening.  Our readers and fellow MFA alumni were fabulous readers.  I don’t know why I was so nervous before the event started.  My biggest fear was that no one would show up, which was silly, because our MFA community is very supportive of one another.  But it seems that once completing their MFA in Writing program, MFA graduates scattered, going back to their living their lives. As  much as we stressed about all the reading, the research papers and our theses, most of us who are no longer in that intense MFA program, now miss the MFA program and being immersed in a community of writers. There’s nothing like getting together to let our geeky-writerly selves have a night out. My hope is that this event will be the start in bringing our MFA literary community together to help and support each other, not just to promote established MFA alumni authors but to encourage emerging MFA alumni writers in their writing life as well.



I’m particularly proud of the evening’s program, which I was involved in creating:



I’m also hard at work on our MFA alumni’s website, which is getting close to completion. I’m so excited to launch it when it’s finally ready. It’s been a really great opportunity to put to actual work the skills I’ve developed in my web design classes. Speaking of which, if you are looking to create a website, I’m very happy to help  out a fellow creative writer.

At the literary agency, I’ve discovered the importance of a writer having social media platforms in place even before being accepted, let alone published.  An agent told me that more and more publishers won’t take on a book  if the author doesn’t at least have a blog.  Self-promotion and marketing has become just as important (if not more) as writing a good book.

Websites are tricky animals. They’re a necessary evil. We all need one, but few of us can design one ourselves and even fewer of us know what to do after we’ve had one designed.


As a published writer and editorial intern, I have a unique perspective. I understand what is important for writers to have on their website and how to use social media to attract the attention of publishers and agents. If you’re a writer and want a quality and affordable website,  please  send me an email  at creativewriting.svcs@gmail.com.  You can also view my design portfolio for a sampling of my website designs.

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