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We had our first rehearsal for our upcoming reading at Litquake’s Lit Crawl – Barrio Fiesta  last night. Some of us got together to do a run-through. I found it interesting that we each chose to read from stories that are currently in development. We gave each other brief craft feedback, with our initial impressions of what stood out and what didn’t, as well as how the reading came off. I tended to read too fast and sometimes stumbled over my words. Then we played the video.  I’ve never been able to sit comfortably whenever I’ve watched myself on video. This time I’m glad I did. I could see exactly what my fellow writers were telling me. So now, I just need to practice until I’ve got the cadence, pacing and pitch down. I also recorded myself on my phone and played it back. Tough to listen to but practice makes perfect.

I’m so grateful to Justin for setting this up, and not just for hosting and video taping our rehearsal. Justin organized this  Litcrawl event, which is being presented by PAWA (Philippine American Writers and Artists) and Irma’s Restaurant.  Justin is a fellow Vonite. He and I were in Evelina Galang’s fiction residency class at VONA. I was not only impressed by his writing but for his passion for primitive Filipino art and Filipino cooking. After VONA ended, I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with my new VONA friends, prepared by Justin.

Justin has much more better photos on his blog.  You can see his beautiful photos, try out some recipes and read his musings on Filipino food, culture and art at Palay: Recipes and Rice Gods.